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Camera Drones: How Do They Really Work?

  • Drones can be launched in many different ways
  • Camera drones move according to the data they receive from the controller
  • Camera drones have different functions

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope my friend, it’s a camera drone. Camera drones are perhaps one of the most intriguing and useful devices that’s hovering in many neighborhoods around the world right now. They can record footages and capture photos from high angles making these images appear as if they were taken by a bird or Superman.


But how does a drone camera work? Similar to how camera drones differ in size and functions, the manner that they are controlled differ as well. Some camera drones can be controlled through a smart phone or a joystick, while some others are launched by throwing them in the air.

Some have sensory functions that allow them to avoid things that come their way as they fly while some others can be launched from the air through the water. By now you may be thinking, “Okay, but how does a drone camera work, really?”

Generally, camera drones take their cue from the data emitted by the controller. The drones fly from point A to point B at an altitude all dictated by the buttons the pilot pressed on the controller and the algorithm that it was programmed with.

Basically, when you ask “how does a drone camera work?” The answer would be a seven letter word, SCIENCE. Drones have their own technology and follow specific algorithms that allow them to fly, hover from the ground, do a flip, and land.

For it to glide or fly smoothly, it is important that its pilot understands the science behind the device in order to know how to fully operate it. Some drones have more advanced functions than the others, so choosing the right drone is also immensely important.

Two Reasons Why Editors Love Sleeklens’ Lightroom Wedding Workflow

Photographers and digital photo editors are loving the Sleeklens Lightroom Wedding workflows. Wherever you search in the web, Sleeklens Lightroom Wedding reviews generally give commendations to Sleeklens for the job well done.


The workflow reviewers shared a couple of positive opinions about the products. The experienced editors mentioned that the workflows made photo editing so much easier and cut down significant time in the editing process. While yes, this is generally the purpose of a workflow, but generally, workflows only give the general filter for the photos. This means that the editors would have to do some minor tweaks in some of the slides to really achieve the look they’re aiming for.

Another thing that the editors mentioned was that the workflows required less editing. As mentioned earlier, workflows still require slide adjustments. But for the folks reviewing Sleeklens workflows to mention that the products don’t require much editing is proof that they are effective at making the arduous work of photo editing so much easier.

The general feedback in Sleeklens Lightroom Wedding Reviews is a testament that Sleeklens is doing something right with their products. They’re prioritizing the ease of editing for the photo editors, and the efficiency in the editing itself.

Admittedly, photo editors have different manner in photo editing. Some like to work as fast as they can, while some others tend to be detail oriented. Some like to work by bulk, meaning one collection after another, while some others like to spend time on every photo.

But overall, if Sleeklens Ligtroom Wedding Reviews imply anything, it is that this product is a must-try for editors. Given the overwhelming photos during weddings, editing can be beyond stressful for the editor. And if you’re the person tasked to do such work, then you should definitely start with Sleeklens’ Wedding Workflow.

Reasons Why Portrait Workflow Reviews are Interesting

  • Portraits are tricky to edit
  • Portrait workflow reviews can help photographers get an understanding on what other photographers want their workflows to be able to do
  • They are excellent source for beginners for different editing tips

Not all photographers may agree with this, but I think portraits are one of the trickiest photos that anybody could ever edit. Don’t get me wrong, portraits are generally quite complicated to edit regardless of the features or characteristics that the subject has.


Fortunately, portrait workflows have finally hit the market making it easier for editors to edit portraits. But more than the products themselves, what’s even more interesting are the portrait workflow reviews.

These portrait workflow reviews are particularly interesting as it explains exactly how photographers want their workflows to be able to do. Although it is very rare that a photographer gives a negative workflow review since workflows generally make the work easier for them, it still pays to notice  the mentioned highpoints and low points of each workflow to gain an insight on what specifically makes a good workflow for them.

Portrait workflow reviews are also interesting since some photographers mention the methods or processes on how they complete their work. For beginners, these can be great Easter Eggs on how they can achieve that perfect look for their portrait workflows.

While it is true that reviews are just the opinions of people who have tried certain products first. I think it is still very interesting articles that can teach beginners some tips and tricks for their photo collection. If you’ve just started getting familiar with a camera or has some very basic knowledge on Photoshop and Lightroom who’s planning to download, definitely check out reviews for guidelines.

Who knows? The biggest photography and editing questions you have might be resolved by a certain sentence or paragraph on one of such reviews.

Tips To Make Good Black And White Photos

  • Photography introduction
  • Tips To Make Good Black And White Photos
  • Where to get presets

Photography is the science of creating images by recording light either thru an image sensor or through photo films which are light sensitive. Originally though, photography was all monochrome or in other words, black and white. But through the advancement of technology through the century, colored images are now more common than the black and white ones. That is probably why when you see a black and white photo, what automatically comes to mind is vintage photography. Although it is quite easy to take black and white photos since it is already a built in filter in most cameras today, especially the digital ones, it is still hard to get the best black and white photo.


Here are a few tips you can follow in order to get the best black and white photos.

  1. Contrast is key! Increasing contrast can add a subtle layer of reality into your photos.
  2. Flat light can do wonders especially when there are one or more sections of the scene that have deep black spots. This takes time to learn how to spot, but once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as taking candy from a baby.
  3. Have clean black and clean white sections in your photos. This makes for a cleaner black and white image. Without it, the image just looks muddy and cluttered.
  4. Filters can make a world of difference. Filters can do wonders in making a great black and white photo. In order to develop a knack for it though, you need lots of practice.

Speaking of filters, b&w film lightroom presets are probably the best tool in achieving the best black and white photos. Getting those filters and applying them in your photos using Lightroom is very easy. All you have to do is download the b&w film lightroom presets from a site called SLeeklens.com. They provide some of the best filters available on the web today.

Action Cameras and HD Photos

  • Cool action camera HD for your type of photography
  • Durable and easy to use action cameras
  • Starting a photography career with action camera HD

The chances of you finding the right kind of action camera online are quite slim. With so many action cameras to choose from, being meticulous at times takes its own toll. But of all the considerations that you need to look into, all you need to have is an action camera HD.


Action camera HD is the perfect solution for your photography needs. Aside from saving you time developing these pictures, this camera is also durable, and can withstand heat and rain, 24 hours a day.

This is the type of camera to bring if you’re out there in the wild, capturing images with clarity and crispness. Seldom can you find a camera that makes things easier for you. As soon as you take that shot, you already have that studio-like photos in the process. That is how awesome this action camera HD can give you.

It is easier to use and has additional features that improves the color, texture and luminosity of your photos. So this action camera HD is a mini photography workshop in itself. You can choose any size, but most of them are quite handy because they are designed for comfort.

And it is advisable to start your photography career with this action camera HD. Everything you need to know about quality photos, this gadget has it already. It’s convenient, has a lot of interactive tools in it, it comes in different colors and quite sturdy at that.

So check out the latest action camera HD on the web. Make it your handy companion as soon as you start clicking and taking pictures. It’s the secret, really, behind every beautiful photo you have seen online.

Providing Tutorials for Your Wedding Photos

  • A video tutorial provided out of downloading Lightroom presets
  • Simple yet cool ways of editing photos from Lightroom’s video tutorial
  • Wedding pictures enhanced out of following tips via a Lightroom tutorial video

Now that your wedding plans are all set, you might want to think of something great for the enhancement of your wedding pictures. That’s where Lightroom comes in. It has the collection of the best presets for your wedding pictures online.

Never mind if you are a beginner when it comes to Lightroom, because it has an accompanying video tutorial for you to follow through and for you to enhance even further your wedding photos.


This Lightroom wedding presets tutorial is definitely one of a kind. You can navigate its features easily, so you can maximize the potential of your wedding photo in ways you can never imagine, like incorporating black and white or vintage presets to increase the characterization of your wedding images.

As soon as you download these presets into your laptop or PC, Lightroom will provide you with a tutorial video so that aside from navigating on its tools, you are also introduced to its other features that will enhance your photo editing experience.

The uniqueness of this Lightroom wedding presets tutorial lies in its immediacy. You can now edit quickly and with quality results out of following its simple instructions. You can save time editing these photos if you master the tips that these tutorials will give you.

So don’t waste time now and start scouring for that appropriate preset for your wedding pics. Rest assured, this Lightroom wedding presets tutorial would pave the way for you to churn out quality photos in the process.

Learn from it, experiment with it, anything just to create that specific you want with your photos. That is how Lightroom is changing the way we edit and enhance out photos. It provides you with easy to follow instructions out of this Lightroom wedding presets tutorial, so you can post online with great joy and pride.

Why Lightroom for Your Portraits

  • Superb presets downloadable online for your portraits
  • A photo-editing app that can enhance color, saturation and luminosity of your portraits
  • A collection of cool, unique presets for your portrait images

Many use Lightroom for convenience, that it enables them to save time while editing their photos, especially with their portraits. But Lightroom’s photo editing is more than that just saving time; it makes way for the best photos to have come online.

aug5Yes, your portraits will get that kind of reception when edited through Lightroom, and courtesy of its presets. It has by far the best Lightroom presets for portraits online, downloadable and with a variety of presets to choose from. You need not worry anymore about how to enhance your image online; Lightroom has the presets for it.

It pays to post quality portraits on your site or social media page. For one, people would often look at your image more than your text. So even if you don’t have much text to offer, but your image far exceeds the preference of your viewers, then there is no reason for you to worry. Second, you can only have that kind of image with the best Lightroom presets for portraits online.

Lightroom understands your needs when it comes to photo editing or enhancement, the reason why it also has its workflow or brushes in its tools to compensate what your presets can do already. The kind of enhancement that would do wonders with your portraits.

Image is all. In fact, others can tell the personality of an individual by simply looking at those photo images. Now if you posted an image on the web, for instance, which is of low quality and without any enhancements through Lightroom, your image might suffer in comparison with the others. So using a photo-editing app like Lightroom is an advantage.

Now here comes the best Lightroom presets for portraits, where you can enhance your images in ways that only professionals can do. Enhancing the colors, the saturation level, and the luminosity of your face, even adding features that would accentuate or bring out the real you. Photo editing at its finest.

So download this collection of the best Lightroom presets for portraits and start churning out these beautiful portraits, these little masterpieces of yours, all for the enjoyment of your viewers.

Rest assured, you can have that beautiful face of yours in so short a time and in good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightroom for Beginners

lr1Most Adobe Lightroom beginners often commit mistake when modifying images in Lightroom because they do not fully understand the basics of the program and how the entire program works. Unfortunately, because of these mistakes, hundreds or even thousands of images are lost every day. When you are dealing with the features of Lightroom, you have to make sure that you are knowledgeable enough to ensure that your files  and important Adobe Lightroom presets within the interface is safe.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lightroom that most beginners ask.

Question 1: Do Lightroom automatically save a copy of your images even if you delete it already from the library module?

The answer is no, Adobe Lightroom only keeps track on the things you do on your hard disk. The program does not automatically save a copy of the files.

Question 2:  When you delete all your images inside the folder, does it means that there are no images left in that folder and that it is already safe for you to navigate and open the windows explorer?

The answer is definitely no, Adobe Lightroom can only manage suitable video and image file format. The users will not know if a folder is already empty of image files unless you manually open the folder in Windows explorer.

Question 3:  When you rename or move folders on your drive in Lightroom that contains important files, can you still see the same files when you open the program on the next visit or do you need to reimport those images in Lightroom?

Basically, Adobe Lightroom presets is capable of reporting the missing images in Lightroom. However, you can still see the same files when you open the program again. There is no need to import the images again as it will only duplicate the file name stored in the library module.

Quick Guide To Understand the Develop Presets in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom preset is one of the main features in the program that can be found in the develop module in Lightroom. Moreover, Lightroom presets have a lot of benefits, one of it is that it can help you save time and effort in editing and organizing your images. But more than that, it helps you maintain a smooth and convenient post processing tasks.

LR44Develop presets can be used in two ways. The first method is using Lightroom develop presets in one or two images, depending on the styles and settings of the preset.  For example, if you have a black and white theme preset, you can only use it for  some images that is suitable for black and white. The second method is to use it as a default preset which you can apply to hundreds and even thousands of images at once.

In this article, we will simply discuss some of the important things to understand the develop presets in Lightroom.

If you haven’t created any Lightroom presets before, and you want to learn how to make one, there are some default presets included in the Lightroom package that you can use and explore. However, if you want more of it, you can download free develop presets online for free or paid. The only thing to consider is to choose the best presets as some of it are not good presets. Sleeklens is in action in providing the best reviews and tutorials about Lightroom presets.

How to Create Develop Presets?

Creating presets are very easy. You only need Lightroom and some of your creativity to make one. The first thing to do is to choose a photo that you want to use in the library module or on your device. Go to the develop module, click new preset and select the create new preset icon in the panel.

Once you’re done in creating your own customized preset, give it a name and select the settings that you would want to add in the presets. Choose the create button and a new develop preset will appear in the develop preset module. You can now use it to your images.

Hopefully, you can create more wonderful presets in the future by reading this quick guide.Lightroom presets can help you save time in working with your images.

Choosing the best photographs for your online Portfolio


Any photographer who is serious about their work and making a living out of photography ought to have a portfolio, digital or otherwise. This will be the space where you will show the depth and breath of your skills while at the same time using jobs that you have done in the past like your adverts. It goes without saying therefore that you need to put the best image forward. The way that you do this is by obviously choosing the photographs that sell you the best.


Photos you took on your own

There is something about someone who can do a job by themselves and still do it to perfection. Use the images you have taken alone to showcase that you can do a good job without supervision. If possible, you can give them a slight make over using Adobe Lightroom to ensure that they stand out even more.

Choose the highest quality images

From time to time, a photographer takes absolutely bad photographs. This may be determined by a few factors. Some of these factors can include equipment, timing, light conditions and a myriad of other circumstances. Do not let any of these things bring down your portfolio. Ensure that you select the best of the best. As always, you may have a great shot that lacks something. You can use a sport cameras Lightroom Preset on it to bring out exactly what you need it to portray.

Ask for the help of a friend

There are very few people who are totally honest with themselves when determining if some of their work is good or bad: no one wants to admit to themselves that they did a shoddy job. After choosing the images and photographs that you believe to be your best works, you can hand them over to a friend to critique.

Be sure to tell them to be as brutally honest as possible. This way, there will be no bias towards what is great and what is not. The view of two experienced photographers ought to be enough to bring out the best works from your shortlisted photographs and images.


Optimize your image for the web

Remember we are talking about selecting the best photographs and images for your online portfolio. This means that the images you put up ought to be optimized for the internet. From compressing them to be of smaller sizes to using Lightroom presets to improve their look, feel and quality, you should do everything you can to ensure that the images and photographs you decide to include in your online portfolio are optimized for the internet.

How to Properly Resize Images in Lightroom

LR45Do you like to share your photographs online? And having trouble finding the resize button? Making images smaller will actually look better, if it is done correctly. In this article, I will show you the proper way to resize your images.

Many websites won’t let you upload a high resolution image, while others like Facebook or even Twitter will down size them for you, automatically lowering the resolution and quality of those photographs. The automated photo reduction process is frequently not optimized for best quality. The result of this can make your resized photo appear soft or even loss of colors. To avoid that, it is always a good idea to properly resize your images before you use them online. In this way, you are in control of how your photo should look.

Cropping is one of the tools in Lightroom’s Develop Module. When we say cropping, it is choosing which parts of an image you want in the finished image. You may zoom in to the center and eliminate some from all the sides, cut off just one side, create a square image, or create a long, thing panorama.

A much safer and better practice is to export a new version of the file that has the dimensions you want rather than trying to resize the original image. When you have the resized copy, you can do what you want with the copy without any risk to your original master image.

In the image resizing process, select an image or even multiple images you want to export ->go to File – > click Export. In a shortcut keyboard, press CTRL+SHIFT+E.  Then, select the specific folder from the dropdown -> click the “Choose” button -> select a folder on your computer ->check “Put in Sub folder “. Under file naming, if you check “file rename to”, your files will be renamed to something different.

The next section is very significant; this is where you manage the file quality and important parameters. Once you export images, you should always choose JPEG as the file format.  Next is setting the quality slider -> set color space to sRGB – that’s what most monitors on the Internet are able to see properly.

Under image sizing, you need to make sure to check resize to fit ->choose in the dropdown button.  That value you set right under, in the first input field.  It usually “1024” pixels, which is a good size for the web, but it is up to you if you want to go smaller. Don’t use a high number, because it will result in a huge file; plus most websites won’t let you to upload huge images.

The last three sections are called Metadata, Watermarking and Post-Processing: once you export images in the web, always make sure to check Minimize Embedded Metadata. This pointedly reduces image size. If you leave this unchecked, people could potentially view not only the camera and exposure information, but also exactly what settings in Lightroom you used before you exported the image.  And lastly, in “After Export”, select do nothing under Post-Processing.

Want to know more about proper resizing images in Lightroom? This site: http://www.lightroom.com.br/free-lightroom-presets/ will very helpful to you.

Top Three Mistakes Every Beginner Make

pic3One of the important things that we love to consider before taking up a new interest or past time is their advantages and disadvantages. However, even if we invest a lot of time reading helpful stuffs such as tutorial and other guides, we still don’t get it.

Tutorials are just there to guide us on what to do, and what not to do. It is still up to us on how we execute it. With photography, tutorials and guides are scattered everywhere online, we can easily download it, but when it’s time to take pictures, we can’t perform well.

In this article, we will talk about the top three mistakes that most of us, beginners make so that we can avoid it during the actual taking.

Using of Inappropriate Equipment

Most of us who are still new to photography pay attention to fancy camera equipments even if it is not needed. For starters, we basically need only 1 camera and 1 extra lens to capture good images. Beginners tend to capture unworthy pictures because they use too much accessories that they do not know how to handle.

Inability to Apply Framing

For professional photographers, framing is just an easy task. However, for beginners like us, we tend to apply wrong framing settings in images.

According to experts, in order to get the best framing in images is to take more pictures first and check the settings on the camera after to see if it looks good on the image. If you are in doubt about its default framing, you can always adjust it in lightroom.  There are a lot of ways on how to set frames properly, especially in making short films. However, if you want other options, check more Lightroom film presets and professional resume templates here.

Wrong Perception of Photography

Basically, photography is not just a form of a hobby but a passion. It is an opportunity for all of us to take one of kind subjects/images. It is the chances that were given to us to create photographs in the best way we can.

User’s Review: Newly Improved Spot Tool In Lightroom 5

pbn2Lightroom by Adobe has been always my favorite photo editing program as it has a lot to offer. Its high quality photo editing process, non-destructive ability and sophisticated editing options makes it easier for us users to modify thousands of images. Its ability to convert RAW and JPEG formats is also widespread too. Adobe lightroom never fails to surprise its users. They are indeed one of the best tools ever created that offers a responsive and efficient interface.

Adobe always knows how to make people happy. With their latest version release that comes with a lot of new and improved photo enhancement tools, I’m pretty sure that more and more people will use the program. Even if the program has been around for 9 years, the company still finds a way to make it even more accessible and useful.

In this review, we will basically discuss one of the newest tool included in lightroom’s latest upgrade; the spot tool.

Spot tool is long been used by most photographers since it has the ability to removed blemishes and unwanted spots. Lightroom filters, same with instagram photoshop actions, has also been included in their previous versions but with limited use. With lightroom 5, spot tool can be used in many ways as its brush strokes are adjustable depending on how you want it to be. In addition, it is very easy to use. Under spot tool comes Healing mode which covers spots and watermarks but like any other healing tool, it cannot cover high quality watermarks.

Spot tool is one of greatest tool in lightroom. Its ability to remove spots and blemishes is superb that it makes more wonderful images. It can also be compared to Adobe Photoshop Elements since it is known to be the best tool to retouch badly created images. Again, lightroom 5 has a lot of exciting features to offer. You just have to try it yourself.

Understanding Adobe Lightroom Presets

LR3When you first got into the field of photography, you probably think more about how you can manage your own digital image workflow. However, in order to make good quality images, you have to use a tool to enhance and beautify your captured images. In this article, we will discuss everything about the popular photography tool: Adobe Lightroom. Most professional photographer used this tool in order to edit raw images easily. This tool will also help photographers save time and effort in modifying their work.

Moreover, adobe lightroom has a lot of incredible presets that will make every simple images into a more beautiful, perfect and gorgeous images. Here’s a video on how to install lightroom easily:

What is “Lightroom Presets”?

Generally, Unlike Photoshop and Elements that have free photoshop elements actions, Lightroom presets are collections of filtered and enhanced images which help professional photographers in their editing process. Vintage, lomo, sepia and black and white are a good example of presets. Also, with lightroom presets, users have the ability to enhance image manually. They can adjust the contrast, brightness and other basic image enhancement.

What are the advantages of using lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets have a lot of advantages, one of it is it helps professional photographers save time in their editing process. It can also modify large number of images in one editing session. Check more lightroom presets at the Info Parrot site.

Listed below are some of the great advantages of lightroom presets:

  • Image management & photo editing tools in a single product
  • Saves time and effort
  • Very good support for cameras and lenses
  • Custom profiles can be built when needed.
  • Nondestructive editing without any need to create separate layers.
  • Can apply the same changes to more than one image at once.
  • Images can be “tagged” and searched in several ways, including EXIF and IPTC metadata.
  • Collections are useful to associate images from different folders without copying/moving them.

The best thing about adobe lightroom presets from Sleeklens is that it will not give you difficulties as everything is ready from the presets to conversion process.


Do’s And Do Not’s in Photo Editing

Photography doesn’t end once you capture the photos. With the advent of new technology, you can enhance further the pictures you have taken through the help of different software applications that can be used both in your computers and in your smartphones. While it is true that photo editing is filled with freedom and relies mainly on your imagination desire over policy and guidelines, there are a few tips that you should follow in order to maximize your editing outcome. There are several things that you must and must not do in order to bring out the best in your photos. If you follow these few tricks faithfully, for sure, your editing outcomes would be perfect.


Choose high-feature software that you are knowledgeable of
photo editing softwareThere are a number of photo editing software applications that are available both to computer and smartphone users. It is obviously essential for you to be well-gripped and well-knowledgeable in the use of the application. It is useless even if you have Corel or Adobe Photoshop installed in your computer if you do not exactly know how to manipulate it. Choose a high-feature software that is user-friendly even for beginners. That way, you will have a software that is powerful yet very easy to use. You must also research on different shortcuts, techniques and tips on the usage and manipulation of your chosen photo-editing software.

Sharpen your Images
To bring out the best in your photos, it is essential to sharpen the image. This technique is one of the easiest yet most powerful photo editing tactics. Sharpening the image involves adjusting the brightness and contrast of the object along the edges. Sharpening can also be done within the camera but it is better to sharpen your images through a software post-capture because you can easily tailor and adjust it to best suit the image.

If you are just a novice or beginner, it is best to experiment on different tools that you can use. If you are not sure what the tool is all about, you can do a little researching here and there to better understand the usage of such tool. Also, you can experiment on different photo editing techniques to make you better as a photographer and image editor. Always remember that practice always make things perfect.

Do Not’s

Apply same sharpening level in all images
image sharpeningImages are all unique from each other. Therefore, the technique you applied to one photo is not as effective to the other photo. When sharpening images, you must be flexible. If at first you sharpened it by only 5% and it already looked great, you cannot expect that for a picture of a much less quality photo. If you’re photo needs to be sharpened by 80% to make it appealing and great enough, then do it. There is no really formula in sharpening your images, you just need your imagination and sense of style. Experiment and let the sharpening speak for its own.

Easily Give Up
If you’ve spent hours in front your computer and still did not improve the image, never give up! Perfecting the art of photo editing takes time. Use your failure as a guide. Never repeat the same mistakes again. For sure, after a few more tries, you will be able to perfectly edit your image and make it the photo of the century.